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WordPress WebSites

Learn how to create WordPress websites with a brand new Drag and Drop Theme that will have you creating new websites in no time.

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Search Engine Optimization

Learn how to get your website to the top page of the search engines and drastically improve your traffic.

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Get more traffic by learning how to use social media sites effectively.

Tom Ryan

Tom Ryan

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C L I C K    T O   V I E W     R E S O U R C E S

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As a visitor to my site you might be interested in learning how to create sites for you and for others. I have selected Divi as my theme of choice to teach during 2019. The reason is simple. It is a fantastic theme.

Most themes are very structured in their layout and if you don’t like it you might as well move on, or spend lots of time learning how to make it act like you want. Divi on the other hand is fluid and the theme structure is decided by you.

The approach is simple. You drag and drop the elements you want where you want them, and then fill them with data. And there are over 50 videos to support my coaching . If you want me to coach you through learning Divi, then fill out the ASK TOM section right above.

Who decides if your Content is worth while?

Why, your visitors of course.

Learn how to create content that will keep your readers on your site.

Dashboard SEO

There are ,many things you can do to improve your SEO right inside your WordPress Dashboard. Here's a few.Images - when you upload an image to your library over on the bottom right you have to save it. Prior to saving use the ALT TAG feature. Give this...

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Google Site Map

Getting found by Search Engines is easier with Site Maps, and one of the best is Google Site Map. This plugin will notify the search engines when you're ready to go live and help all those little bots running around the internet keep tabs on your site....

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SEO – Plugins

There are many plugins for SEO. I believe the two best are All-In-One-SEO-Pack and Joost SEO. Both have millions of downloads.Both can be found in Wordpress.org plugins. Here's the links.All-In-One-SEOJoost SEORead up on both of them before...

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SEO – Keywords

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. There are many aspects to SEO and we will be just breaking the surface. Finding competitive keywords is serious business and there are many tools used to find keywords. I use LongTailPro. It provides me with not...

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Good News From DIVI

I was at a client's yesterday and was confronted with a question I'd never considered or even thought about. The question...…………."Is my site ADA Compliant?"...…………..I had no answer other than "I'll find out!",I immediately went to Elegant Themes and...

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Breaking Class News

By accident I just learned that Elegant Themes is retiring eighty-some themes. That puts all their eggs in two baskets. Divi and their magazine theme Extra. I wondered at first how that was sensible. On investigation I found they have been building their...

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Did You Know

DID YOU KNOW Your subscription with Elegant Themes is good for a year? Then it expires unless you renew. That means during the subscription period you can download any of the Elegant Themes you might like. Check them out. There's like 88 themes. some are...

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Classic Editor Plugin (UPDATE)

It wasn't 10 minutes after I told you about the editor problem and I received a response from Elegant Themes. Here's what they said.If you see the Divi Back End Builder missing, you can easily enable it by going to Divi > Theme Options > Builder >...

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Classic Editor Plugin

Tonight I went to the dashboard of a site I've been working on and to my surprise I was presented with a new form of Divi Builder. This was not by my choice and I am not prepared to use a modified form of a front end builder, especially as I want y'all to...

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SSL Plugin

Recently Google Chrome made a significant change regarding the security of websites. If when someone goes to your website and just to the left of the URL reads NOT SECURE the visitor may not stay on your site. This can be fixed with a special plugin called REALLY...

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Divi - It's here to stay - the best there is!

Divi has been on the scene for several years now…..and it keeps getting better. It’s a recipe you’ll want to keep forever. 

Divi's Pricing option module - offer the best!

Offering visitors multiple ways to highlight pricing structure is a great tool for closing more sales.

Divi's Shop module - to create your on-line shop with ease!

Load up your product pictures and enter your pricing and sale items. Your store is ready to open for business.

Divi - turn you website into a cash cow blog using the blog module!

Your blog can be setup to show excerpts from your articles by category, then once clicked on your visitor gets to see the entire article.

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