A very useful plugin is CALL NOW. This plugin will result in a green phone being placed on smart phones when the person is on your website. It allows you to get calls from people surfing the net to buy products or services. Last I read was that upwards of 40% of people buying on the web do it through their cell phone.

It can be found on the WordPress.org website. Find the Plugins page at the top of the site and click on it. in the dialog box that appears type in call now and click enter.

It will bring up the Call Now Plugin and other related plugins it finds. Click on the Call Now icon and you will be taken to the Call Now page. There you can download the plugin to your desktop.

Once on your desktop you can upload the plugin to your website. Go into your sites dashboard and click on Plugins. You’ll find it down the left hand side of your dashboard. From there just click on Add New. You will go through a similar procedure as you did for loading up Divi to your site. After clicking install the system will tell you if it is successful. If it was then click on activate.

Now, when someone is on your site with their  cell phone all they have to do is click the green phone at the bottom of their phone and you will immediately get a call from them.

Great way to increase sales from your website.


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