There are ,many things you can do to improve your SEO right inside your WordPress Dashboard. Here’s a few.

  1. Images – when you upload an image to your library over on the bottom right you have to save it. Prior to saving use the ALT TAG feature. Give this picture a name that relates to your site. do this with every pic you upload.
  2. Resource Pages – Google loves sites that are good for the user experience. So incorporate a resource page that has links to other sites that have good content relative to your site’s content. And no……not competitor sites. Use things like industry association sites, government sites, Wikipedia, etc.
  3. Don’t ignore your site after it’s released. So even if you don’t have any content changes to a page…… update. That will make the page record an update. Updates are dated for the bots.
  4. Write articles – when it is published remember that 56 sites will automatically be notified and they in turn will notify other sites of your new article. And when writing articles don’t forget to sprinkle in keywords. Front, middle, and end of article. Same holds true for CONTENT PAGES. 
  5. Article Creation – Here’s a path to follow if you’re uneasy writing articles. Open up a Word document. Pick a subject. Google it. Visit about 10 sites that look interesting. From each site take a couple of sentences. Paste them into your Word document. After researching the 10 sites start reviewing your captured content. Organize the data in your own words creating a unique article. Never copy directly into your finished article. That’s stealing. You want to create an article that reflects your personality. Never forget….taking content from one site is stealing but taking it from 10 sites and turning it into your unique article is market research. Try to keep your articles to 500-750 words.
  6. Videos – Using videos you create is great and Google loves videos. And it’s ok to use videos that are on YouTube. Here’s how. On my Hiking Starter Kit site I wanted to show how to create a tent with floor and door from a 10′ x 10′ tarp. I didn’t feel like creating one so I searched YouTube and found one. Although the video was on a tarp that was 4′ X 4′ it filled the bill because it was only a 2 minute video. Here’s the process. Go to the video on YouTube. Click on Share. In the new screen click on Embed. In the new small window will be some HTML code. Drag on it and copy it…..OR… on COPY at the bottom. Go to the Dashboard page in your site and decide where you want the video positioned, but first change the view from visual to text. Now everything will be in HTML Code. Put your cursor where you want the video and paste the copied code from YouTube here. Now switch back from Text to Video and you’ll see the video embedded on your page. DO NOT FORGET OT UPDATE.
  7. More to come later.
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