DID YOU KNOW Your subscription with Elegant Themes is good for a year? Then it expires unless you renew. That means during the subscription period you can download any of the Elegant Themes you might like. Check them out. There’s like 88 themes. some are for E-commerce, some for news, some for blogging. The list goes on.

Let’s say you download half a dozen themes. You can still use those themes after the subscription expires. You just won’t be able to get any updates and you won’t be able to get any help from the Elegant Themes support team.

I am doing that right now with another highly reputable company. They had a theme I liked and they offered it in 20 different pre-made color schemes and associated headers. Just before my subscription expired I downloaded all 20 variations. That was 4 years ago. The bugs were all worked out of them and I’ve had no issues at all. Matter of fact here’s one of the themes. Check it out. It the near future I will change the theme to Divi……………but I don’t have to.



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