I have a friend of mine who took his website and paid someone to create a new website, only in a second language. He was so proud of that second site because of the opportunities it opened up for him. The downside to that approach is every time he makes a change to the primary site he has to pay someone to change the secondary site…..unless he learns a new language.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him there were several plugins available that allowed his original site to be translated into any of 100+ languages. I personally chose the Google Language Translator plugin.

The GLT plugin will place a small rectangle on your site’s pages labeled “translator”. When clicked it will display the language flags you’ve chosen and the visitor only needs to select a flag and the entire site will be converted to that language. Got to love this plugin, although I’ve only gotten it to work if its located at the bottom (page left, right, center). Oh well, I’m sure they’ll fix it to work at the top eventually. Until then…….as long as it works…….I’m happy.


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