Have you ever noticed how long some web pages can get? Then you have hold down the Up Arrow or drag the Bar to the top. Well, there is an easier way to accomplish getting back to the top.

Divi has a built in feature to take care of this. Its found at Divi > Theme Options > General. Scroll down quite a bit and enable the Scroll To Top feature. Now an all of your Pages/Posts, Divi will place a modified arrow in the lower right hand corner. When clicked the page will automatically scroll to the top of the page. It’s not much of a creative symbol, but it gets the job done.

If you’d like something better there are a bunch of plugins that will do the same thing, only with better symbol choices. The plugin name is WPFont Scroll Top and it is on the WordPress.org site under plugins. I like this plugin because it offers a wide variety of symbols to choose from. All you have to do once the plugin is activated is go to settings, click on Enable, choose a Symbol, and Save.


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