So here it is………Sunday night after 8:30……..we’ve just finished hosting a Cowboy celebration event for their win over the Packers.
My plan of course. At least the food and company were a winning combination.

Anyway, we had a great first class night last Thursday. All attending were introduced to a background on WordPress and more importantly got their first peek at the theme we’ll be using for this class. I think the drag and drop theme was a welcomed approach. Rest assured you’ll all have a working website before you know it.

One of the best resources for this theme is the 40+ tutorial videos we’ll be using. They are the best series I’ve seen for any theme.

Check out this websites TUTORIAL PAGE. As we progress I will provide a link for the videos we cover. You’ll always have them for a reference. Right now two tutorials are linked. The first is the OVERVIEW TUTORIAL which we viewed in class.

Your homework assignment is the SECTIONS OVERVIEW tutorial.  Pay particular attention to the ADD SPECIALTY SECTION portion. You’ll see how the power of this theme is extended.

A huge part of web creation is graphics, but is not to be feared. You need to embrace graphics on several levels. Why, because there are many free photos you can use right from the internet.

Checkout the FREE RESOURCE LINKS on the Tutorial page to get a free screen capture, free pics, and free pic software. Of course, for $5 there’s always someone waiting to help you on FIVERR. That could be a website header or content creation. What a deal.

And don’t forget to checkout the WordPress Class Schedule. Our next class at the Holiday Inn Express is January 22, 2015 @ 6:30 pm.

And always remember……… creation is not rocket science. It’s all about attention to detail and persistence while you create your own recipe for web creation. It’s no different than the story I told you about my nana’s chocolate cake. And with this class you’ll be able to stay on the sales and marketing side of things.

Just to remind you……..get a domain name before our next class! Make sure it is a .com or .net suffix. There’s a link to HostGator on this site if you choose them.

We discussed 3 alternatives to Hosting.

1) Each get your own hosting. Just make sure your host has a cPanel. That will become your umbrella website under which you can add any number of domains and not pay for the extra hosting.

2) Pool your resources and have one of you get the hosting service. Then all will add their domains to this hosting account. It will be a shared expense.

3) I offered to host all your domains for the class on one of my hosting accounts. I will do this FREE for one year. If you chose this option I will send you the account’s two DNS (domain name server) codes.

So, you have a number of alternatives to consider. I suggest you get together by email and decide before the next class. I will send an email tonight with all of your email addresses.

At our next class you will upload the new theme, activate it, and learn about theme options.

In internet service, friendship, and business.

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